Air Quality Index

Air quality is critical to your overall health. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is a method in order to help you arrange and enjoy a healthy and balanced life style. Just like the UV Index helps defend from the harmful effects of excessive sun, the AQHI notifies us to wellness hazards presented by air contamination.

You can certainly use the Air Quality Index to examine the health risk amount in your environment before heading great outdoors.

Do You Know ?
The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is refreshed regularly as well as involves a foretelling that can help you plan for the day ahead. Check the Air Quality Health Index in your location for the current details.

Who can use the Air Quality Health Index?
The Air Quality Health Index is for everyone, especially those subject to the influences of air contamination, like pensioners, individuals with on going health issues, or parents of children. It has been designed to aid you decide the most ideal moment to enjoy your back yard adventures.

The Air Quality Health Index is measured on a spectrum ranging from 1-10+. The Air Quality Health Index index values are also organized into wellness danger groups as presented below. These groups help you to easily and quickly recognize your degree of danger

Air Quality Index

1-3 Small health risk
4-6 Mild health risk
7-10 Higher health risk
10 + Very high health risk.
The Air Quality Health Index was produced by the Government of Canada cooperating with the provinces and key health and wellness and ecosystem partners. It"s progressively being launched in towns across the country.